Case Study - Care Compliance

case study

Care Compliance

Insequa was contacted by a care provider who had concerns about their compliance ahead of the introduction of the new Aged Care Standards.  They met all 44 of the current Standards but wanted support in preparation for the transition. 

We met with them to discuss and understand their concerns more fully and we decided jointly that the best approach would be for one of Insequa’s Care Assessors to visit the site for a day and carry out a ‘diagnostic’ assessment to establish their current position and identify any areas of concern.

After signing a Confidentiality Agreement with the client, we arranged for one of our Assessors, a care professional with over 30 years’ experience in care delivery and management in New South Wales, to spend a day onsite.

During their visit, our Assessor observed practice and staff interaction with Consumers and undertook a detailed review of the care documentation, medication records, audit records and staff records.

She observed a lot of good practice.  The quality of care being delivered, and the overall Consumer experience, was good.  Consumers were happy with the service they received, and staff were happy and said they felt supported.  So far, so good.

There were a number of areas where compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards was a concern.  Our assessment identified:

  • Areas where the care assessment had not identified significant potential risks and hazards Consumers faced. 
  • A case where a fluid balance record was being maintained for one Consumer, but this was not recorded in their Care Plan and the information was not being used effectively to maintain the person’s safety. 
  • Catheter care not recorded in the Consumer’s Care Plan. 
  • A pattern of medication errors where there was no effective remediation action plan in place.
  • Gaps in staff recruitment record-keeping
  • Gaps in the Audit programme and a pattern whereby audit data were not adequately reviewed and did not lead to the creation of Improvement Action Plans

Because Insequa highlighted these areas of concerns, rather than the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Inspector, we were able to work with the care provider to support them in rectifying all of these issues to ensure they were addressed before the next inspection took place. 

If you have any concerns about any areas of your compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards and would rather Insequa help you find any issues before the Inspector does, please get in touch for an informal chat.

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